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Bespoke services from the comfort of your home!

We believe everyone should have access to care and hence we launched our teletherapy solution, UBHC@Home. Through this we bring UBHC home to you, providing the same evidence based expertise when you cannot come to us.

We currently offer our Rehabilitation and Therapy services to children, adults and older adults in the fields of Cognitive Neuropsychology, Psychiatry, Speech Language Pathology, Clinical Psychology, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Medical Nutrition Therapy, Career Assessment and Counselling and Early Childhood Interventions.


How does it work?

The teletherapy service is just like our face to face clinic sessions but using technology to our benefit. We use a secure platform which is compliant with the highest standards of healthcare privacy and confidentiality policies for the safety of our clients.

Chennai Neuro Rehabilitation Therapy Clinic Centre - Unified Brain Health Care


You sign up with us using the sign up form or by contacting us. We will send you a trial pack of our unique DAILY CHALLENGE CARDS at no cost to you and orient you about our teletherapy sessions.

You choose the therapy solutions you require and we set up an appointment with our therapist

You will have your preliminary sessions during which our therapists get to know you, your needs and assess you.

Based on your therapy goals, your therapist sends activities as DAILY CHALLENGE CARDS every week to handhold you through the therapeutic journey.

You will have scheduled review sessions with your therapist to help us monitor your progress and move forward.