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Our Team

Understanding the brain and how it influences our thoughts, emotions and behaviour helps us heal from within. I work with clients and their support system to help them take charge and adopt behaviours for their brain health and emotional well-being. UBHC is my effort to make rehabilitative care for the brain and emotional well-being available, affordable and accessible while not compromising on the global standards of quality.

“Let me help you, help yourself.”

To book an appointment with Dr. Porrselvi A.P., PhD:​ 

​Dr. Porrselvi A.P.,PhD

​Founder and Clinical Lead,

Cognitive Neuropsychologist

Practitioner Psychologist (Health and Care Professionals Council)

​Recipient of the Early Career Award from the International Neuropsychological Society (2022).

Former Clinical Psychologist (Neuropsychology), King's College Hospital, London

Educational Qualification​:

  • HCPC- Registered Practitioner Psychologist and Chartered Member of the British Psychological Society- CPsychol. (2021-2022),

  • PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience;

  • M.Sc. Neuroscience

  • M.Sc. Counselling and Psychotherapy

  • B.Sc. Psychology

  • Certifications in Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy (UK)

  • Montessori Dementia Care (USA) and Clinical Research (CITI- Miami)

  • Trained in Adult Learning Disabilities and ADHD (USA)

  • Paediatric Special Learning Difficulties (Prayatna, Chennai)

  • Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)

  • Problem Solving Therapy

  • Gestalt Therapy

I believe that my asset as a mental health professional is being compassionate and empathising towards the patients and care givers with active listening and maintaining confidentiality and professionalism. 
I focus on educating my patients and attenders on their diagnosis, course of illness and treatment options, keeping them onboard in decision making ensuring adherence to the treatment, thereby helping patients have positive outcomes and achieve remission. 

My special interests are in the fields of Geriatric Psychiatry and Perinatal Mental Health. 

​Dr. Divya Balachandran MD

​Consultant Psychiatrist

​Registered Medical Practitioner (105060)

Educational Qualification​:

  • MD Psychiatry (Sree Balaji Medical College and Hospital)

  • MBBS (SRM Medical College and Hospital)

I am committed to fostering mental health and well- being, and I believe in the ability of people to heal. I have always been intrigued by the beauty of the human mind, its intricacies and hence believe in a patient-centered approach to mental health.
I provide personalized care, tailoring treatment plans to meet the needs and goals of each individual, thus empowering patients on their journey to mental wellness.

​Dr. Janani S. MD

​Consultant Psychiatrist

​Registered Medical Practitioner (88245)

Educational Qualification​:

  • Diploma in Psychiatric Medicine

  • MBBS

​I am a Clinical Psychologist with an extensive experience in working with adults and children over a range of clinical issues, including depression, anxiety, personality, low self-esteem and adjustment difficulties. I firmly believe in enabling people to become their own therapists and encourage an introspective, problem solving and a proactive approach to handle life’s crisis. I believe in building Resilience i.e., help people bounce back from difficult situations. I also offer counselling on relationship issues arising within marriage/family/work settings. My therapy sessions are aimed at providing an objective and emotionally secure environment to work through the issues.

Dr. Nisha Vidyasagar

​Clinical Psychologist

​Registered Clinical Psychologist with the Rehabilitation Council of India (CRR No. A09253)

​Educational Qualification​:

  • PhD in Psychology

  • M.Phil. Clinical Psychology (Gold medalist)​

  • M.Sc. Applied Psychology (Counselling and Psychotherapy)

  • B.Sc. Psychology

As a Clinical Psychologist I work with a passion to enrich psychological well- being of
individuals through empathetic understanding of the client’s circumstances and challenges. I
have experience in doing various Psychological assessments and therapeutic management for
individuals with various concerns such as Behavioural and Developmental problems,
Depression, Anxiety, Interpersonal problems, etc., I also focus on psychoeducating the
caregivers of the client by facilitating them for therapeutic management as well as
addressing their emotions. I have worked in various reputed government and non
government organisations.

Mrs.Nandhini Baskar

​Clinical Psychologist

​Registered Clinical Psychologist with the Rehabilitation Council of India (CRR No. A70234)

​Educational Qualification​:

  • M.Phil. Clinical Psychology

  • M.Sc. Clinical Psychology​

  • B.Sc. Psychology

I'm a licensed clinical psychologist passionate about working with individuals with mental health concerns. I have a strong vision for a positive world. I believe in facilitating a holding space for self-exploration and expression and building individual capacity that helps in both alleviating mental health concerns and promoting positive mental health. I have worked in multiple government and private clinical settings specialized in psychiatry, neurology, and general healthcare. My approach in psychotherapy is aligned with this idea proposed by Carl Rogers - “The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.”

​Ms. Shefaley Phebe K

​Clinical Psychologist

​Registered Clinical Psychologist with the Rehabilitation Council of India (CRR No. A74208)

Educational Qualification​:

  • M.Phil. Clinical Psychology

  • M.Sc. Clinical Psychology​

  • B.Sc. Psychology

  • Pursuing Certification in Positive Psychology

I have been working in the domain of testing and psychological assessments for more than a decade in Bangalore, where I additionally supervise and train students for clinical practice. I have conducted more than 100 workshops for students on a variety of topics such as effective communication skills, career decision-making strategies, dealing with anxiety, depression and healthy interpersonal relationships. Having volunteered for Rotaract, the youth wing of Rotary International for 12 years, I believe in developing need –based strategies to bring about social and educational change and follow an eclectic approach in therapy and assessment of client.

Dr. Rachel Jayaseelan

​Psychologist and Career Counsellor

​Professional Certified Career Counselor, Trained in Cognitive Analytic Therapy

Educational Qualification​:

  • BSc Psychology

  • M.Sc. Clinical Psychology​

  • MPhil Psychology

  • PhD Psychology

  • NFNLP Certified NLP Practitioner

I am a young and dynamic physiotherapist who is compassionate in rendering services to neurological patients. I have been rehabilitating patients with neurological conditions across the lifespan (from childhood to elderly, including immobile patients). It gives me immense satisfaction when I help to restore their functional movements, to help them participate in purposeful activities and to improve their everyday life activities. I have good clinical skills for assessing and designing appropriate treatment plans for each individual based on their needs. I am also trained in dry needling and kinesiology taping.

​Mr. R. Gnana Oli


​Certified in Dry Needling and Kinesiology Taping

Educational Qualification​:

  • BPT (Physiotherapy)

  • MPT (Neurosciences)

I have more than half a decade of experience in  assessing, customizing and implementing specialized nutritional interventions and other clinical aspects of nutrition for individuals with a wide range of nutrition related health problems including diabetes , cardio-vascular disease, neurological disorders like stroke , stress eating , dysphagia , digestive disorders, renal conditions , weight loss and weight gain.

I am certified by UNICEF as “INFANT AND YOUNG CHILDREN FEEDING” (IYCF) practitioner. I have extensive clinical experience dealing with preconception nutrition, pregnancy nutrition, high-risk pregnancies, breastfeeding, and infant and child nutrition. I am skillful in handling children with special needs.

I have given various presentations and lectures addressing corporate sectors and communities. I strongly believe in the mantra “Eat right, Stay fit”.

​Dt. Deepika T.

Clinical Nutritionist

​Member of Indian Dietetic Association

Educational Qualification​:

  • Infant and Young Children Feeding practitioner (UNICEF)

  • M.Sc. Clinical Nutrition

  • B.Sc. Nutrition, Food Service Management and Dietetics

I have worked as a Special Educator for over a decade, providing educational intervention for children with learning difficulties. These include children with LD, autism and slow learners.  I strongly believe that every child can be helped to progress, with the right kind of intervention and compassion, both in equal measures.  Besides conducting remedial classes, I have also conducted  counseling sessions for parents, programs for enhancing study skills, spoken English skills and socioemotional skills.  While taking remedial classes, we use a large number of colourful and creative teaching aids, many of which I helped develop.

​Mrs. Gita Nambiar

​Special Educator

Educational Qualification​:

  • Masters in Psychology

  • P.G.Diploma in Child Psychology and Family Relations

As an occupational therapist I hope to make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities and their families, facilitating and developing rehabilitation programs. My main aim as an OT is to enable clients to manage their day to day tasks independently.

As a pediatric therapist I work with children to meet their developmental milestones, overcome sensory challanges and improve self-care, play and self regulation skills including gross motor activities including balance and co-ordination skills, fine motor activities including pre-writing and writing skills, ADL training like dressing, feeding, toilet training.

As a Neuro OT I help individuals regain or develop the skills necessary for ADL such as dressing, bathing, eating, grooming. I focus on regaining the muscle strength, pain management, improve endurance and in functional mobility. I help in sensory re-education, coma stimulation and cognitive problem such as impairment in memory, concentration and orientation.

Mr. Perumal N

​Occupational Therapist

​AIOTA Life Member Reg No - 3349/17

Educational Qualification​:

  • BOT (Bachelor of Occupational Therapy)

I am a Registered Occupational Therapist with a specialized in Neuroscience. I provide assessments and rehabilitative therapy for adults following a Stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Head injury, Spinal Cord injury and Motor Neuron Disease as well as children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Cerebral palsy, other neurodevelopmental disorders, Learning disability and Intellectual disability. I administer evidence based therapy that is age- relevant, requirements based and client centred therapy to achieve maximum independence in individuals who require intervention and also counsel the caregivers to help give them the best support.

​Ms. Monisha S S

​Occupational Therapist

​AIOTA Life Member

Educational Qualification​:

  • MOT (Master of Occupational Therapy- Neuroscience)

I am a qualified Occupational therapist with experience in handling patients with neurological conditions and pediatric conditions in acute and chronic settings. I am trained to evaluate the patient clinically and correlate the other investigations to formulate intervention plan in collaboration with the client and the caregivers. I have experience in making splints for stroke patients mainly the static splints. My aim is to make my clients as independent as possible either by restoration of the lost skills or by adaptation and compensation strategies and by educating parents and caregivers about the client's condition and prognosis. I am currently training in paediatric clients focussed therapy.

​Ms. Keerthana K

​Occupational Therapist

​AIOTA Membership in progress

Educational Qualification​:

  • Bachelors of Occupational Therapy in NiEPMD

  • Trainee-Masters in Occupational Therapy (Pediatrics) in MAHER

  • Certification in Cognitive behaviour therapy

As a licensed Speech and Language Pathologist, I am passionate in supporting individuals across all ages facing speech, language, communication, and swallowing challenges. With a focus on person-centered and neurodiversity-affirming practices, I collaborate seamlessly with multidisciplinary teams to provide integrated and holistic care tailored to each person's unique needs with a focus on enhancing their overall quality of life.

​Ms. Ananya Vijay, MSc SLP

​Speech Language Pathologist

Registered Speech Language Pathology with Rehabilitation Council of India – CRR No. A81631

Life member of Indian Speech Language and Hearing Association

Educational Qualification​:

  • M.Sc. Speech Language Pathology

  • Bachelor of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology (BASLP)​

  • Trained and Licensed provider of Parkinson Voice Project's SPEAK OUT! and LOUD Crowd! programs.

  • Natural Language Acquisition Trained Clinician

I am an experienced, dedicated professional, who envisions to provide educational and psychological intervention to children and adolescents with special, emotional, and behavioural needs with utmost care and patience with additional insight and recommendations to parents on how to work with these individuals. I have about 10 years of experience in working with these children, adolescents and their families.
I employ an eclectic-psychological approach while intervening with and assisting clients. I believe learning is attainable by every individual by providing suitable individualized, tailor-made resources and intervention. I’m adept at working with children and adolescents with varied levels of learning difficulty including Autism, Dyslexia, ADHD, Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy. 
I’m non-judgemental, as I reckon each child is unique and they achieve at their own pace with the right support and guidance from both the educator’s and parents’ end. Making learning appealing and motivating a child to blossom into a confident being is my utmost goal.

​Crystal Nikita S J

​Special Educator/Psychologist

​Clinical Art Therapy Certificate Course, Clinical And Practical Psychiatric Training

Educational Qualification​:

  • Post Graduate Diploma In Special Needs Teacher Training [International TEFL Canada]

  • M.Sc. Psychology [Clinical]

  • B.Sc. Psychology

  • Clinical Art Therapy Certificate Course.