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Preparing your baby to be a good communicator

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Ms.Samanvithaa A., Clinical Psychologist, Unified Brain Health Care

The development of communication skills starts even before birth. We all know that the baby kicks and moves when inside the tummy. They respond to sounds in the environment.

Begin talking to your baby right from when you are 3-4 months pregnant. The baby senses, the baby listens and finally, the baby starts responding. Although they don't understand the language, their fresh and developing brains start receiving the language like codes, and later in life, when the baby is ready to talk, the codes come out as the language we previously used with them.

Talking to your baby after birth is as important too! Postpartum is difficult, but remember, the tiny human that you made, has a brain that is developing by the minute and requires as much stimulation as possible to promote better and natural learning from the environment.

Few prompts to communicate with your baby is given below:

- Explain what you are going to do to them before you do that action (changing diapers, while giving them massages, while bathing, tummy time, feeding etc.)

- Tell them stories by exaggerating the sounds and using actions.

- Sing to them (nursery rhymes or any song) with actions. Hold their hands and sway them according to the beats.

- Talk or sing to them while you nurse.

- Repeat instructions/dialogues again and again till the work is done. Repetitions help in learning, even though they do not explicitly pay attention.

- Reflect and react to their coo-ing sounds and respond to those "ooos" and "aaas" as if you've understood them.

- Walk around and talk to them about what you are doing, show and name the things at home.

Treat them as individuals with brains that are more active than yours developing rapidly.

Their brains are yearning to learn!

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