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How to be the best caregiver to my loved one without burning out?

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Dr. Porrselvi A.P., Founder and Cognitive Neuropsychologist, Unified Brain Health Care

Can I be the best caregiver and give my loved one all the care but still live my life? You can be a parent, spouse, sibling, child, grand-child or son/daughter in law.

Answer this checklist to yourself-

Calculate your Score.

  1. Are you able to see a problem situation objectively without taking your loved one’s behaviour personally? Remember it is the disease and not them. (If yes,+1)

  2. Do you know about the disease your loved one has? Do you know what to expect in the future? (If yes,+1)

  3. Do you have access to rehabilitation therapists? They can help make things easy for you and having them on the schedule helps you to take some time off for yourself. (If yes,+1)

  4. Do you have clear house/family rules? Have you set kind and clear limits? (If yes,+1)

  5. Do you have a schedule/ routine for yourself, the household and the family? (If yes,+1)

  6. Have you set up your home in a way that it will help you save your time and energy? For example, when someone needs something, can they get it for themselves without asking you for help? (If yes,+1)

  7. Do you do everything by yourself? (If yes, -1)

  8. Do you have someone you can depend on? Do you let them help you? (If yes,+1)

  9. Are you over scheduled and pressed for time? What are the things on your schedule you let go of? (If yes, -1)

  10. Do you have your priorities identified? (If yes,+1)

  11. Do you take the time to try to connect with your loved one,everyday? Remember, without a connection you will get little cooperation, no matter what the disease. (If yes,+1)

  12. Can you decide on an activity or activities that everyone at home enjoys including your loved one? Like watching a movie, playing music. (If yes,+1)

  13. Do you do this activity regularly? When was the last time you did it? (If yes,+1)

  14. Do you have your own leisure activity that you love doing? (If yes,+1)

  15. Are you taking care of yourself? Remember, you cannot pour out of an empty cup. (If yes,+1)

  16. Do you feel like you are never doing enough? Does this worry you? Do you compare your life with someone else’s? (If yes,-1)

  17. Are you physically fit? Do you exercise your body and mind? (If yes, +1)

  18. Are you constantly tired? Do you have problems in sleeping well? (If yes, -1)

  19. Do you eat well? Are you eating healthy, nutritious food? (If yes,+1)

  20. Are you worried? Do you feel like something is going to go wrong all the time? (If yes, -1)

What is your score out of 15?

Do you think you can improve at being a caregiver without burning out?

Contact Us for caregiver/ family education and counselling about how to deal with difficult symptoms of dementia, brain injury and other neurological disorders.

Unified Brain Health Care is one of a kind Neuro Rehabilitation Centre in Chennai for adults and children offering in person and online therapy in Cognitive Rehabilitation, Clinical Psychology, Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Clinical Nutrition, Career Counselling, Fitness Coaching and Educational Intervention. We also offer help for PCOS, care during pregnancy, post-pregnancy care for new moms, infant and early childhood stimulation, care for caregivers and promote holistic brain health.

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