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How to make yours a High Quality Relationship?

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Dr. Nisha Vidyasagar, Clinical Psychologist, Unified Brain Health Care

For a happy and healthy life, one needs to build high quality relationships. Ups and downs are inevitable in all relationships. How strong i.e., resilient we are in the face of challenges will determine how successful our connections with others will be. Resilience is thus necessary for satisfaction in all relationships, be it with your spouse, partner, parent, friends or colleagues. It helps protect us from financial stresses, work pressure, health issues, tragedies, all of which are known to negatively impact relationships.

On the road to developing resilience, one has to be:

1. Open to experiences

2. Learn new ways of thinking and behaving and

3. Have the determination to fight the tendency to view oneself as a victim.

Resilience is thus a quality that can be learnt.

To help a relationship survive as well as grow stronger, it is necessary to build resilience before challenges or tragedy occurs. The following are the steps that can be taken to build Relationship Resilience:

· Communication: It is necessary to keep the channels of communication open as it then becomes easier to talk about feelings when under pressure. Talking to each other often and being honest about your feelings would help prevent misunderstandings. Actively listening is also necessary to make the other person feel understood and valued.

· Managing emotions: It is important to stay calm while under pressure. Verbal outbursts or getting defensive come in the way of relationships. Staying in control of one’s emotions is a necessary skill to be learnt.

· Problem solving: Seeking solutions to problems that come your way would help rather than complaining or blaming. Learn to pick your battles as it is okay to let go of some issues. Focus your energies on moving the relationship forward rather than looking backward to all the hurt and pain that was caused.

· Enhancing social support: Having a wide group of friends can help reduce stress. Emotionally investing in only your partner/single person will backfire.

· Offer support: When there are challenging moments faced by your partner/key person, support and encourage him/her. Keep showing you care through simple gestures like taking on extra household chores, cooking their favourite meal.

· Reach out for professional help: To keep one’s relationship going strong, it also helps to reach out to a mental health professional and talk about the challenges being faced. Relationship enhancement programs provide the necessary skills and practice which would help improve your relationships.

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