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Speech Therapy at home for best results- How to do it?

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Ms. Nayantara Nambiar, Speech Language Pathologist, Unified Brain Health Care

Speech therapy at home refers to the home practice recommended by the Speech Therapist. The Speech Therapist spends one hour or so with your child or your adult family member in a week, the rest of the time at home is spent with YOU, the parent or the caregiver. This is when the real speech therapy happens. Your Speech Therapist should support the client but also support you to carry out the speech therapy activities in your home.

Reach out to your therapist to find out:

· The different activities you can do at home

· What materials you may need for each activity?

· When/what time of the day you can practice?

· Where all you can practice (e.g. home, supermarket, park)?

· Who all can practice with the client (e.g. mother, grandparents, siblings)?

· How you can incorporate speech therapy into daily activities?

· How many times you have to practice each activity?

· How to reinforce each communication attempt made by the child?

· How to keep track of the progress?

Therapy works best when there is a team effort involving the CLIENT, the THERAPIST and the CAREGIVER.

As a parent or a caregiver, you will have other commitments, but discuss with your therapist and find a schedule of practice that works best for you and your family. Make time for therapy just like you make time for school or play time.

Share the load. If it is only one parent or caregiver doing the home practice, it can get overwhelming so reach out to the rest of the family and consult with your speech therapist about involving other family members in the home practice.

You know your child or your family member the best, so practicing speech therapy activities with you would be the most ideal way.

So, speak to your Speech Therapist and get started with your home practice! A great way to get started is to video-record yourself practicing an activity with the client and share it with your therapist and ask for feedback.

Contact Us or Book an Appointment to consult with our Speech Language Pathologist and know more about how you can support your loved one for their Speech impediments at home.

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