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Parkinson's Disease Speech Therapy in Chennai- Loud Crowd Program

Struggling with Parkinson's-related speech difficulties? Unified Brain Healthcare is excited to launch the Loud Crowd program, developed by the Parkinson Voice Project! This evidence-based program empowers you to take back control of your communication.

What is Loud Crowd?

Loud Crowd is a monthly online support group specifically designed for individuals with Parkinson's who experience voice and speech challenges. Through interactive exercises and discussions, you'll:

  • Learn the SPEAK OUT! method, focusing on speaking with intent for improved clarity and loudness.

  • Practice techniques to strengthen your voice and enhance articulation.

  • Connect with others who understand your struggles and celebrate your progress.

  • Gain valuable support and motivation in a friendly and encouraging environment.

Meeting Details:

  • Platform: Online (details provided upon registration)

  • Frequency: Every month on the first Friday at 7:00 PM IST

  • Cost: Rs 500 per session

  • Eligibility: Completion of the SPEAK OUT! program with our PVP trained Speech Language Pathologists

To know more about the SPEAK OUT! program:

Don't let Parkinson's silence your voice! Join Unified Brain Healthcare's Loud Crowd program developed by Parkinson's Voice Project and rediscover the joy of clear communication.

For registration and inquiries, please contact Unified Brain Health Care at +919047452258 or



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